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Mija à la Résidence de France à San Francisco

Cet automne 2015, les oeuvres de Mija auront pour écrin la Résidence de France à San Francisco, aux Etats-Unis. Mme Pauline Carmona, Consule Générale de France, lui fait l'honneur de l'accueillir pour une exposition privée exceptionnelle, EMERGENCES, en partenariat avec la French American Cultural Society.


A partir du 19 octobre. Exposition sur invitation uniquement.

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This fall, Mrs Pauline Carmona, The Consul General of France, is hosting Mija for a private Art Exhibition, EMERGENCES, at Résidence de France in San Francisco, California. Part of the proceeds will benefit the French American Cultural Society.


Starting Monday October 19th, 2015. This event is by invitation only.

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My drawings, paintings and series of monotypes present the body in twists, in motion, as well as abstract landscapes which evoke stone, water, vegetation, the night, the wind…


Then, bodies and landscapes intertwine with one another, one submerging while the other

 is emerging in turns.


To me, landscape and body interplay to establish an architectural tie with the paper or canvas space.


All my work is inspired by Cézanne’s fascinating statement:


“When color has its greatest richness,

then form has its plenitude”.



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